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About Us

Neighborhood Greetings, LLC is a friendly oasis for newcomers in the Quad Cities. After recognizing a need in 2000 to help new residents through the confusing time after moving to a new community, Teri Taylor has been working to welcome residents moving into the Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities and other communities.

Quad City Connections is a publication of Neighborhood Greetings and an excellent source for valuable information in the form of a printed community resource guide and this web site. New and current residents will appreciate the depth of information and aid that Quad City Connections provides. 

New residents usually come to a new area with many questions and needs. Quad City Connections provides reliable recommendations with internet links for many of the necessary businesses and services to help new residents quickly feel a part of their new community and help to limit confusion and uncertainty.  

Many services have to be initiated and key contact information has to be found after moving to a new area. The Quad City Connections publications provide these valuable phone numbers, addresses and web sites. Questions about recreation, entertainment, parks and churches are also available through Quad City Connections. Plus, high quality service providers, retail stores, and other businesses that every resident needs have come together to provide special incentives and coupons to help newcomers feel welcome and become acclimated to our community.  

New residents can use the Contact Us portion to take advantage of the many services that are available through this web site.  It is our hope and goal that you feel very welcome in our community and will realize the full benefit of Neighborhood Greetings as found in this web site and/or the printed community guide to quickly help you feel at home.