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East Moline Christian School/Victory Baptist Church - 900 46th Avenue East Moline

If you were to visit and compare the various public, private, and Christian schools within the area in which we live, you would be immediately impressed with the fact that the East Moline Christian School is truly unique! We are a Christian school, not just in name, but in our philosophy and educational approach. We believe that our children are a sacred trust; thus it becomes our responsibility to provide for both their spiritual and material needs. A child must receive an education that will provide not only a high level of academic training but will also provide a solid moral foundation. Without these two vital ingredients, the child will not be properly equipped to take his station in life, nor will he have the discernment necessary to lead rather than to be led. East Moline Christian School offers More!!!   Christian Education  Modern Facilities  Qualified Teachers  Superior Curriculum  Library Facilities  Science Laboratories  Text Books  Computer Classes  Field Trips  Competitive Sports  Outdoor Education  High Moral Standards  Transportation